Synchronous FM

DIGIDIA has the complete solution for the transmission of FM programs through a network of FM transmitters using the same channel for a dedicated coverage area. The proposed system allows to synchronize all the FM transmitters within the same SFN (Single Frequency Network) cell, in order to avoid interferences when switching from one area (covered by one transmitter) to another one, like along the motorways for instance.


Synchronous FM Decoder


  • Single Frequency Networks in FM (linear and/or surfacial);
  • Perfect synchronization of audio, MPX or direct RF for FM transmitters or amplifiers;

Key benefits

  • Field Proven: Used in France (over 200 sites) and Japan (over 50 sites);
  • Can be used with amplifier (RF output) or FM transmitter (audio or MPX output);
  • IP based Distribution Network;
  • Optimized IP bit rate due to MPEG ½ Layer 2 Encoding;
  • Extremely precise synchronisation (less than1 μs);

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