DRM30 / DRM+ Content Server


  • DRM broadcasting (DRM30 and DRM+);
  • DRM head-end in studios or directly on the transmitter site;
  • DRM test transmission in trials or laboratories;

Key benefits

  • Field Proven: Used in India - the world's biggest DRM roll out - with GatesAir and Nautel  MW transmitters;
  • Extremely portable solution on different industrial PC platforms (1RU,2RU, 4RU, Cube);
  • Flexible and compact all in one box solution:  Mutli-encoding and multi-multiplexing for DRM30 and DRM+;
  • Easy to use thanks to user friendly GUIs;
  • Seamless 1+1 redundancy;
  • Available as DIGIDIA or as OEM product;

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