DRM30 / DRM+

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is an international standard for digital radio in the LW, MW and SW bands (frequencies below 30MHz also called DRM30). DRM+ is an extension of the DRM standard for the bands lower than 230MHz. So it includes the VHF Bands I, II & III (including therefore the FM bands). DIGIDIA has the complete solution for any DRM30 / DRM+ applications with a complete set of reliable and professional products and systems, easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain and fully compliant with the standard.


Professional DRM30 Monitoring Receiver


  • DRM30 off air signal monitoring;
  • DRM30 transmitter output signal monitoring;

Key benefits

  • Easy to use thanks to touch-screen LCD with user friendly GUIs;
  • Advanced metrics and curve display such as MER, Constellation, Spectrum, Channel Impulse Response etc.;
  • Audio decoding through internal loudspeakers;
  • Alarms programming;

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