This product line allows to setup many applications following the Eureka147 family of standards including digital radio (DAB with MPEG Layer II encoding and associated data, DAB+ with MPEG4 AAC HE v2 encoding and associated data, DMB Visual Radio with BIFS associated data), mobile TV (DMB Mobile TV, DAB-IP with Enhanced Packet Mode)  and push data (MOT, TPEG, IP Tunnelling...) applications both in Band III and in L-Band.

The DIGIDIA DAB/DAB+/DMB product line consists in a complete set of reliable and professional products and systems, easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain and fully compliant with all the standards belonging to the Eureka147 family. DIGIDIA is full member of the WorldDAB consortium.


DAB/DAB+/DMB Multiplexing and Encoding Platform


  • DAB/DAB+/DMB multiplexing and encoding in studios, in a central site or directly at the transmitter site;
  • Service Multiplexer, Ensemble Multiplexer, Re-Multiplexer, Audio Encoder, Data Encoder &Inserter;
  • DAB test transmission in trials;

Key benefits

  • Field Proven: Used in France, South Africa, UK, Hungary and Australia;
  • Extremely portable solution on different industrial PC platforms (1RU,2RU, 4RU, Cube);
  • Flexible and compact all in one box solution:  Multi-encoding (audio&data) and multi-multiplexing for DAB/DAB+/DMB;
  • Perfectly adapted for IP based distribution and contribution network architecture;
  • Easy to use thanks to user friendly GUIs and straight forward architecture;
  • 1+1 hot redundancy;
  • EDI, ETI and RF output possibilities;

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