About Us

Our Mission:

"The mission of DIGIDIA is to develop, manufacture and sell products and related services dedicated to the digital broadcasting and transmission of media such as radio, TV and data"

Our Values:

Leveraging on the significant experience and know-how of its team, DIGIDIA has core competencies in Research & Development (R&D), manufacturing, marketing and sales. The R&D is one the competitive advantages of DIGIDIA with skilled and experimented engineers. The R&D know-how is both hardware (with standalone and PC based products) and software with the latest tools available on the market, allowing DIGIDIA to offer more than 'black boxes' to its customers but a complete state of the art system solution. DIGIDIA has a real expertise in the COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) digital processing allowing digital transmission of contents in severe environments like the terrestrial channel and also in the IP (Internet Protocol) for signal transport (contribution, distribution),  management software (HTTP for Web system management, SNMP for a global system management) and many other IP based valuable applications.

      DIGIDIA continuous statement:

  • Be customer oriented, flexible and reactive at any time,

  • Be innovative and place the latest technological bricks at the customer's disposal,

  • Offer compact, reliable, robust and industrial products, which are easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain and ready for commercial operations directly,

  • Offer products and related services at competitive prices,

  • Offer a strong customer support service, which continuously helps the customer to overcome all issues related to the DIGIDIA solution.

Targeted Market:


DIGIDIA is targetting the Worlwide Broadcast Industry Market and has products, solutions and related services for all the following Broadcast Industry Market segments:

  • Radio Broadcast Market (Radio Broadcasters, Network Operators, Radio System Integrators...),

  • TV Broadcast Market (TV Broadcasters, Network Operators, Telco Companies, TV System Integrators...),

  • Wireless Data Broadcast Market (Data Content Providers, Telco Companies, Push Data System Integrators...),

  • OEM Broadcast Market (Transmitter Manufacturers...),

  • Test Broadcast Market (Receiver Manufacturers, Research Laboratories, Schools & Universities...),

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