DIGIDIA Product Related Services


DIGIDIA can offer the following services related to its products:

  • On site installation and first setup,

  • On site expert or user training,

  • Factory or site acceptance test,

  • On site expertise or consultancy,

  • Registration to the on-line DIGIDIA customer service. For detailed information please visit the DIGIDIA lounge

DIGIDIA Specific Adaptations

DIGIDIA is continuously listening to the market trends and its customer's needs in order to continuously improve its offer and propose therefore the best value to money solution to its customers, at the most appropriate time.

In order to fulfill exactly the customer needs, DIGIDIA can propose to develop from its existing product lines any customer specific solutions matching their own specifications on demand.


For more information, please feel free to contact us


DIGIDIA Engineering Service

DIGIDIA: an innovative company at the service of the industry... from the idea to the market

DIGIDIA is an industrial company designing products for the digital TV and radio broadcast industry worldwide. Thanks to its rich experience in research & development of high tech products, it offers its skills, expertise and know-how through an engineering service offer, primarily in the following areas:

  • Hardware and software engineering,

  • Digital Signal processing,

  • Embedded real time software (on PC or dedicated hardware platform),

  • Embedded communication protocol (HTTP, TCP, SNMP, FTP…),

  • High level graphical user interface (GUI, PC software),

Our offer is open to any industries (broadcast, telecom, security, medical, transport…) wishing to outsource part of its research & development program (Non Recurring Engineering or NRE). For that DIGIDIA received the approval of the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education for the research tax credit eligibility.


DIGIDIA Engineering Service                                     


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